Pixpa is the New Squarespace and it's Revolutionizing the Game

Pixpa is the New Squarespace and it's Revolutionizing the Game

As an experienced web designer in Asheville who's used all of the content management systems I'm over the moon excited about Pixpa. Not only is it a simple drag-and-drop website editor, but it also has memberships, e-commerce, and live support chat 24/7. The best part is Pixpa is only $36 a year compared with Squarespace at $23 a month.

When I say "simple" I mean it's easy to use. But it allows complex customization of most details on the page. There's an option for everything.

If you want different fonts for H1, H2, H3, H4, or H5 in Squarespace, you have to insert CSS code! Not the case in Pixpa. You have detailed control over the font type, size, line height, and weight for each font category in Pixpa's editor.

I meet so many artists, healers, and small business owners in Asheville who want a new website design but can't afford it. Pixpa could be a great option for folks willing to spend some time learning the platform and build their own site!

Pixpa is the Future

Squarespace feels clunky and outdated compared to Pixpa's sleek designs and advanced backend editor. It's the future of web design. And at $3-$12 per month it is very relevant to our current economic situation. Many of the sites in my portfolio were done in Pixpa. I recently redesigned Asheville Waterfall Tours using it. It's my go to choice for new clients.

Pixpa has live chat 24/7. Squarespace support is email only. If you're building your site and can't figure out how to make a change they will answer your questions in seconds.

Pixpa has many amazing themes to start with

One of the coolest things in Pixpa is "client galleries." This allows you to upload a specific client's photo shoot into a new gallery only for them. They can then purchase prints or digital downloads.

Pixpa is Great for Asheville Residents

As I said there is a real need for affordable web design in Asheville. Most designers charge between $2,500-$5,000 per site. I design websites for a fraction of the cost especially for Asheville locals or those with low-income.

Here are a few highlights of Pixpa:  

  • Set up an online store in minutes
  • Sell digital downloads, products, or photos
  • Restrict pages to members or password holders
  • Live chat support 24/7
  • Take payments, donations
  • Highly customizable without coding
  • Right-click protection to prevent stealing your content
  • Marketing pop-ups are built-in

Like any web platform, there is a learning curve with Pixpa. It may be too much hassle to build your own site but it's no harder than Squarespace. And of course, a great website incorporates professional copywriting, UX, and marketing principles, so it usually requires a more experienced designer.

↪ I design Pixpa sites in Asheville and beyond! Text Angel at 415-483-4408 for a free consultation.

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