"Branding is Icky!" My Clients Tell Me

"Branding is Icky!" My Clients Tell Me

The most common thing I hear from my clients is something like "Branding is yucky." They think it is superficial or too corporate. I look over their website and usually respond: "You have a brand it's just a shitty one."

Everyone has a brand whether they like it or not. It means what you do, how you look, what you say, and how you think. Important stuff to consider.

Forget the term branding for a moment. Call it your online presence. Do you look professional, trustworthy, and credible? Is there a consistent look and message between your offerings and platforms? Does your visual presence connect with your followers? Do you have limiting beliefs that contradict your offering?

Most people don't need "branding" in the traditional sense. They shouldn't spend $5,000 on a logo and marketing materials. Some certainly do but branding and marketing are about so much more than looking fancy.

But many people do need to improve their website, written copy, and photos. If your brand is currently a 4 then taking it to a 7 or 8 can have a drastic impact on your business. Spending many thousands to go from an 8 to a 9 will have less impact.

Many clients I work with, even established authors or leaders, haven't put thought into their brand identity or messaging. They throw together a website that looks mediocre, collect emails occasionally, and post on social media without any strategy. They start a newsletter but don't know how to run it properly.

It's sort of like designing your own book cover and when your book "sells" you think everything is wonderful. But what you'll never know is how much more your book could have sold if it had a professionally designed, eye-catching cover.

Your brand is the book cover and the book. It's the image and the content. You may understand the benefit of hiring a cover designer and editor but do you for your brand?

You may do "OK" with a strategyless and thrown-together digital presence. But imagine if you knew some basics of email marketing, running an effective newsletter, copywriting, and design. Imagine if you knew the key to your success is providing incredible value to your clients and followers. And you knew how to deliver that value through a variety of methods.

Years ago I designed one of Chani Nicholas's first websites. I stressed to her the importance of a pop-up and having a professional site. Over the years it paid dividends in growing her list. She's now a NY Times bestselling author and appears on Netflix.

If you are sailing from America to Europe and are off by just 5 degrees you'll end up in Africa. The same goes for your business. Small changes in the beginning can return massive results.

Research shows that people make up their minds about working with you within 3-5 seconds of viewing your site. Are you confident that you are not losing clients or subscribers? Have you put thought into your digital presence? Are you using effective strategies to grow your platform?

Without the fundamentals, your project launch or website will miss huge opportunities. Using certain key strategies from the start will lead to big shifts in your growth.

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